About us

Our story began with the son of an Austrian bench jeweler, Adolph Link, who came to New York City in 1900. Apprenticing with “contract” manufacturers, his skills were refined to accommodate the innate beauty of designs by Winston, Van Cleef & Tiffany. In 1904, he formed his own company, A Link Jewelry. His creations, diamond jewelry, a combination of Viennese artistry and designs influenced by his assimilation into the heart of his adopted country, America. A marriage of European virtuosity with the imagination of its most vibrant of cities, New York. Working with 18K gold & platinum, he created jewelry showcasing the inherent beauty of earth’s most precious mineral, the diamond, using as little metal as possible.

He was prescient. Seven decades later they had names: A Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Hoop Earrings, a shared prong anniversary ring, straight line, three and four pronged necklaces and most uniquely, “The Diamond Opera Necklace by A Link”. Today, partnering with manufacturing jewelers in Valenza, Italy, our work reflects craftsmanship evolved over time with the highly stylized, modern conceptions in a younger motif, the Abbracci Collection. Each piece has a commonality. The most magnificent of diamonds embraced by the hugging of gold. A marriage of emotion & brilliance. For 119 years, A Link has strived to create jewelry which has relevance, style & grace reflecting the heritage of its roots while enhancing the present.